Fractional Data Department

Flexible Data Solutions for Companies at all Stages of Their Data Journey

Get Strategic Insights and Competitive Advantage

Big data promises big opportunities. However, capitalizing on data’s potential requires specialized expertise that can be very rare. Whether you are just beginning your data journey or you’re well down the path, hiring full-time data scientists and engineers can be costly, slow, and inflexible.

Trigger’s flexible data solutions provide an on-demand team of data experts to help you harness the power of your company’s data – without the burden of hiring up a full team or the limitation of your current capacity.

With Trigger’s CDOaaS, you can:

  • Uncover actionable insights from customer, sales, and operational data
  • Build predictive models to optimize operations, reduce churn, and waste
  • Rapidly develop custom analytics tailored to your strategic needs
  • Continuously mine emerging data to identify new opportunities
  • Detect risks and anomalies early to prevent revenue loss
  • Validate reporting and ensure compliance requirements are met
  • And offer the same to your clients!
Features: The On-Demand Analytics Team You Control

  • Pay only for the expertise desired each month
  • Scale up or down instantly as your needs change
  • Access niche skills on-demand without recruitment hassles
  • Free yourself from the constraints of a fixed analytics staff
Are you a Professional Services firm?

CDOaaS can be white labeled by your company to deliver the same value add to your clients. Let Trigger power your growth without having to hire or upskill.

Take your company’s data from untapped potential to competitive advantage. Let Trigger’s team of on-demand experts help unlock data-driven growth and success.

Which monthly model is right for you?
* 3 month minimum commitment

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