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Trigger is the global outsourcing partner for professional services firms and other visionary engineers of business growth. Based in the US, Trigger was built by accountants for accountants which means that integration into your processes and systems is seamless – converting your growth potential into a growth reality. Our signature is a combination of extraordinary human talent and key performance enhancing technology.

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Professional Services

Leveraging our world-class talent to deliver Audit and Advisory Services. We offer focused and customised solutions.

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Technology Services

Focused on the emerging technology and AI need, we strive to deliver a range of services in the technology arena that focus on machine learning, development and AI.

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Call Centre Services

After decades of building our own businesses with the highest quality standards, Trigger knows what it takes to boost your success through multiple services.

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Wherever you are in the world, you have access to our pool of skilled talent.

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Our people

Our people are our greatest asset.
We carefully select them for their excellent English language skills, high levels of empathy, passion, motivation and energy.

We live your brand

As a seamless extension of your brand that is dedicated to fulfilling your customers’ expectations, we are experts at matching our people to your specific requirements.

Cost effective

We provide a focused, cost effective solution that eliminates the need to develop tools and outlay overhead costs such as salaries, workspace, recruitment and training.

We aim to please